Friday, February 12, 2010



Silkwood, Silkwood
They cut her down that young woman in her prime
I was always taught to think that murder is a crime, murder is a crime.


She said this place is radiating poison in the air
Kerr McGee took out a contract, get that woman out of there
Get that woman out of there.

Oh Silkwood
They infected her with cancer so deadly that she glowed
And when that did not shut her mouth
They ran her off the road, ran her off the road.

Oh, Silkwood
But no one was arrested, why are they walking free
For what they done to Silkwood.
That's murder in the first degree, in the first degree.

Oh, Silkwood
I'm not a vengeful person, but I would like to see
The same laws that apply to me
Apply to Industry,apply to Industry.

But no one was arrested, they're all walking free
And what they done to Silkwood
They're doing now to you and me, now to you and me.

Like Silkwood
From Rocky Flats to LC
From sea to shining sea
They're poisoning the air we breathe
And the water we drink and we love
And the mother's milk and the mother's milk.

But murder in the first degree, in the first degree
Like Silkwood, Silkwood.

But we can shut them down, stop the car, to get there we can shut them down.

But there is not much time
We haven't got much time
Like Silkwood.

We can shut them down, we can stop the car
To get there means shut them down and right now is the time
Right now is the time
The time to shut them down
Shut them down.

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