Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Apartheid No, Liberation Yes

Apartheid no,
Liberation yes.

Listen to the voices rising over Africa.

Apartheid no,
Liberation yes.

Listen to the people singing of Azania.

Apartheid no,
Liberation yes.

Apartheid no, liberation yes.

Apartheid no,
Liberation yes.

Carole Rose Livingston (c) 1983
(January, following the S.A.M.R.A.F. demonstration in front of the South African Airways office on Fifth Avenue in New York City)

This is a song for a large group, preferably walking in a demonstration. The main body of the group sings the chorus, over and over. The soloist (or second team) sings the chorus 3x, then the first verse 3x, then the chorus 3x, then the second verse 3x, chorus 3x, third verse 3x, chorus 3x. Then, by repeating the "liberation yes" half of the chorus once, the soloist converts the song into a round. After aa time, the soloist signals the ending by retarding and singing the slightly altered final notes.

Ideally, this song should be accompanied by six African drums. And it welcomes additional verses.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Anti-Choice Terrorists

words: Carole Rose Livingston @1994

tune: Get Thee Behind Me, Satan

They love your foetus,
But they hate your guts.
They say they're right-to-lifers,
But they're violent nuts

Oh what hypocrisy!
With all their piety
They are a violent menace,
A menace to society.

They're crazy aas a coot.
They hear voices in their head
Preaching, "Save the foetus.
Kill the woman instead."


They don't give a damn for life.
Their dogma is above
They commit murder
In the name of love.


They terrorize the doctors,
Harass their kids at school.
This is how they're practicing
The Golden Rule.


They're bullies and they're bombers.
They are arsonists.
They're stalkers and they'rre snipers.
They are terrorists.


Well, now my song is ending,
And here's the point of it.
The right-to-life movement
Is a lying crock of shit.

Alternate chorus:
With all their piety--
Oh what hypocrisy!
They are a violent mance,
A clear and present danger,
A menace to democracy.


Saturday, July 25, 2009



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