Saturday, November 21, 2009

Joe Doyle's

As I was a'walking to work one day,
On a bright and sunny morning,
I met a laddy upon his way,
And he was his mammy's darling.
He whistled a merry tune in the air,
He whistled it up to the sky,
His feet were a wonderful dancing pair,
And he had a twinkling eye.

"Oh, where are you going this fine summer day?
Oh, where are you going, my honey?
Oh, come with me to the fields to play,
And forget about earning money."
He caught my waist in both of his arms,
And his voice it rang with laughter,
And sure he had the most powerful charm,
For I've gone with him ever after.

words & music by
Carole Rose Livingston
coopyright 1980

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