Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Am A Working Woman


I am a working woman
I lead an active life
I'm doing what I want to do
I will not be your wife.


Go 'way from my window
Go 'way from my door
Go 'way from the telephone
And bother me no more.


I'm doing work I care about
I do the best I can
I'd rather work for humankind
Than for one lazy man.


I'm doing work I'm good at
I'm earning decent bread
If you think I will stay at home
You've got rocks in your head.


I will not mind the baby
And do the housework, too
And cook your meals and wash your socks
I will not marry you.


I will not be below you
I will not be above
When you believe in equal rights
Then come to me for love.
(No refrain)


When you will be my comrade
My partner and my peer
And share in all life's work with me
Why then I'll be your dear.

Final refrain:

Then I'll open up the window
I'll throw down the key
You won't need the telephone
You come live with me.

Words: Carole Rose Livingston
(c) 1982
Tune: "Old Joe Clark"

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