Friday, August 21, 2009

The Free Parade

Long ago in ancient Ireland
A miracle occurred, they say.
When all the serpents and the vipers
Were banished clean away.

Walk today if you're for freedom.
Stay at home if you've been paid
Purged of hypocrites and traitors
Is this St. Patrick's Day parade.

Now today in New York City
The miracle has been replayed,
For all the serpents have departed
From this St. Patrick's Day parade.

Keane and Moynihan and Carey
Will not be here with us today,
For Flannery, the new St. Patrick,
Has sent them slithering away.

Look around you at the faces,
Not a serpent will you see,
Irish men and Irish women
Today march proud and free.

words & tune by
Carole Rose Livingston (c) 1983)
(March 13th for March 17th)

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